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Remembering Brad Will…



Brad Will in Context (RJ Maccani)
on the one year anniversary of his murder in Oaxaca
Delivered at his memorial on October 27, 2007, St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery



War Tango (Janet Schiff, cello)

was composed in immediate response to Brad Will's death in Oaxaca, Mexico on October 27, 2006.  This d minor piece was recorded with Don Tipton as a multi-track cello and piano composition.  War Tango is dedicated to the life and determination of Mr. Bradley Will.



The Revolution Next Door: The People's Uprising in Oaxaca, Mexico (Priya Reddy, video)

The Revolution Next Door" is a tribute to murdered journalist Brad Will, a beloved friend and colleague. It documents the popular uprising in Oaxaca in autumn of 2006. The footage in this film was shot by Brad Will prior to his assassination by a government sniper on October 27, 2006 which occurred as he was filming in the street.



True to my Pledge (Mal de Ojo TV, video)

"Compromiso Cumplido" is the first of a two-part documentary about the human rights violations during the current conflict in Oaxaca. The film documents some of the horrors committed against the civil society of Oaxaca, and shows the strategy of state terrorism employed by the local governor. To date 25 known deaths have been reported, and yet there have been no criminal accusations or investigations for these murders.



Poema dedicado a Brad Will (alexzapa, poem)

1 ano de assassinato e impunidade



Birthday Poem for Brad (Christy Will, poem)

Written June 14, 2007 -- on what would have been Brad’s 37th  birthday